The happy Nola home: the living room


Rug / Coffee table / Chair / Table lamp base / Table lamp shade / Side table / Picture ledge / Fiddle leaf fig tree / Throw / Kiln pillow (similar) / Lady art / Grey felt pillow / Blue geometric pillow

Welcome to the happiest of living/dining rooms in all of New Orleans! I’m so excited to share this space with you guys! It’s all the things I love in a room: bright, cheery, modern with a side of vintage! Before we get into all the details, let’s take a peek at how the room started out during the renovation state:


This space originally started out as 2 smaller bedrooms, but my clients tore some walls down and converted it to this glorious open space! Isn’t that just the best view, ever (below)?


The main goal throughout the whole house was to keep the finishes and the decor cohesive with a good flow and maintain a modern and happy vibe. My clients didn’t want a lot of stuff cluttering up the place, but they did want their home to feel warm and inviting and lived-in.


The magic of white walls (all painted BM Chantilly Lace) with pops of beautiful color make the place feel so special and full of life. We included a bunch of rugs and textiles from New Orleans artist Alysestudios and they were just perfect in this home, providing color, texture and that vintage charm and character. You guys know I love West Elm (and so did my clients) so we turned to them for a lot of the furniture you see throughout the house. I love the fresh & modern aesthetic and I’m obsessed with that Roar + Rabbit swivel chair!


Rug / Console / Metallic poufs / Botanical print / Number poster / New Orleans Shotgun print

When I arrived at the house, that wall (pictured above) was empty apart from the TV and the media console. We kinda scratched our heads as to what to do with it since it was quite large and a bit awkward. Decorating around a black box is tricky and did I mention the 13’ ceilings? I’ve always found a gallery wall to be a good solution for a TV area, so it was all systems go designing and curating that bad boy.

I don’t remember how many hours we spent trying to carefully plan it out (it was many and gallery walls aren’t easy in my opinion) but I feel pretty good about how it all turned out. We used a bunch of Jenny’s Print Shop prints (what a great resource for affordable and downloadable art!) as well as a few pieces I brought from home and some my client had on hand. We wanted to capture some of the Nola spirit in the art, so we made sure to use a few local pieces as well like the Soul Rebels poster and the Grove Street Press New Orleans shotgun print.


The whole experience in New Orleans was so great and I love the way the house turned out! My clients are happy too, which is the icing on the cake!

As usual, I’ve rounded up a bunch of the sources with all the links below!


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My new TV watching situation


Console / TV / Light wood TV frame / Mirror / Planter / Terrazzo bowl / Book / Wood garland

Happy Saturday, friends! I made a few updates in my bedroom, specifically centered around beautiful design and TV! Yes, they can go hand in hand! And yes, I have a TV in my bedroom! No shame, please! It’s my little mom getaway space and what I love to do after a long day, so I’m going to own it and love it!

Now, let’s get into some details on this little corner!


In addition to my glorious new TV, I can’t gloss over that amazing new Dunmore Cane Credenza from Society Social! It’s a new piece in their collection and its awesome! So well made and completely customizable! I chose to paint mine SW Contented in a matte finish and I love the subtle, yet still bright and happy color it adds to this wall.


I love the simplicity of this console and all the storage potential! I put baskets on both sides and filled them my socks, bras/undies and other small things (like my nail supplies that are peeking out).


I kept the styling pretty simple with some books, a plant and a few neutral vases and vessels. I also moved my floor mirror to this little corner and shuffled around some graphic art that I already had. Clean and simple – just the way I like it!

And my honest review of the TV (I paid for it myself) is its amazing and I want 2 more for the other rooms in our home with TVs! I love that it is literally a piece of art that lays flat against your wall! No more black boxes for me! Yay technology!

If you are into this look, I’ve rounded up the sources below (some are similar as the rug and chair are vintage):


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The versatility of a neutral rug + a roundup!

My love for a good rug runs deep. Clearly, because I write about rugs a lot in this space (here and here and here)! To be fair, I do a lot of rug research in my day to day and test out different ones in my home, so it only seems natural that I should become somewhat of a rug expert/connoisseur.

A good rug will really pull a room together and make it feel like home. Cozy, comfortable and lived-in. This is not anything new to most of you, but finding the right rug for your home can be tricky. Take our living room (pictured above): It’s long and a bit narrow and capturing the light can be a challenge at times. I painted the room SW Sea Salt years ago and I actually still love that color. It’s bright and neutral but still has some color in the form of subtle blues and greens, depending on the time of day. Finding the right rug to compliment this specific room has been a challenge for me because there is already so much color and texture happening, not to mention the tricky sunlight situation. After trying many different iterations in here, I have found that a neutral (specifically black & white) rug works the best. And really, the beauty of black and white is it goes with pretty much anything!

This rug in particular is amazing! Its soo soft and cozy and once I put it down, my kids camped out on the floor to watch a movie and both feel asleep (true story). They lay on it as if its a bed! Its also very very affordable and there is no shedding!

In the happy Nola home, we found a similar style rug that worked perfectly paired with that stunning floral accent wall. That rug in particular was under $400 for an 8x10 and it was really, really great in person! Both of these rugs are made from Polypropylene (machine-made), which sounds kinda scary but I have been very pleased with the quality, especially for the price and the added benefit of no shedding! Give me soft and cozy with a side of tassels any day!

Now that you have seen some photographic evidence of the versatility of the black & white rug, here are 12 beauties that I have rounded up from some of my favorite sources:


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

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The happy Nola home: the entry/foyer


Rug / Ottoman / Chair / Throw / Side table / Mirror (similar) / Art / Pillow / Floor lamp

Welcome to another happy reveal from New Orleans! Today, I’m sharing the entryway/foyer and its extra colorful and happy! Before we get into the details, let’s check out a few before shots:


This part of the house mainly got a facelift with paint, new windows, 10” baseboards and those amazing refinished pine floors. We aren’t sure if the mantle is original to 1914, but the owners liked it (and so did I) so we kept it. What is vintage is that beautiful brick which adds a nice dose of texture to the space.

Now, let’s get into the newness:


This multi-purpose room acts as part entryway, part sitting/reading area and part office. Its small but mighty and makes a great first impression when you walk through the door! We painted the entire house BM Chantilly Lace and pulled color in from all the accessories and furnishings. My clients really wanted to channel the happy New Orleans energy with lots of color and plants but still wanted the space to feel modern and clean.


Since this is a weekend house and the owners aren’t there full time, we chose a few faux plants to add some greenery that wouldn’t die. I’ve mentioned before, but New Orleans has a tropical vibe and we wanted the house is feel very alive. The palm is super hearty and will survive but we knew a fiddle leaf fig would not. We grabbed that faux fiddle branch from West Elm and it works perfectly (and looks very realistic!)


We used more of that Cypress to create a little storage area with hooks as you walk in and borrowed some INCREDIBLY beautiful vintage rugs from Alyse Studios (who is also local to New Orleans) to bring in more yummy color.


Here is the hallway to the front door with another one of Alyse’s amazing rugs. I’m still kicking myself for not buying it but it wouldn’t fit in my suitcase. It was so very beautiful in person!


Desk / Chair / Throw / Print / Table lamp base / Lamp shade / Woven trays

That desk was the perfect choice for the room! There is just enough storage and space for a laptop, books, art and accessories. Nothing too fussy, but just enough to give this corner some character. I would love to work at this desk for a day with that morning sun and a delicious cup of coffee at the ready!

What do you guys think? I just love this home and seeing the pictures just brings all the smiles. I’ve gathered most of the sources below with links if you are into it!


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This post does contain some affiliate links meaning if you purchase something you've clicked on,  I will get a small commission. I only promote the products I truly love though!


My cozy finds for fall

Isn’t fall the best? The crispness in the air, the crunch of the leaves underfoot and all the warm colors make me want to snuggle up with my kiddos by a warm fire and drink mulled wine. I guess that is considered more of a holiday thing, but I’ve never been one to stick to traditions.

As much as I love fall, I’m not one to go too crazy with seasonal decor but I do appreciate warmer colors, yummy textures and neutral tones in the colder months. Truth be told, I’m just a bit lazy when it comes to seasonal decor, but there is nothing easier than going outside and clipping a branch off of a tree with some fall color. Pair that with some warm and muted decor, cozy texture and call it a day!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite cozy fall finds below. Cuddle up and enjoy!


1. Those amazing handmade ceramic mugs would be perfect for a nice cup of hot coffee, tea or even dare I say…some of that mulled wine! I’ve been a fan of that speckled ceramic look for a while now and I love the color!

2. Baskets are wonderful for storage and adding texture. I love this one from H&M and its a decent size for $25!

3. I have a pair of these speckled lamps from West Elm and they are wonderful! I think I’ve had them for 3 years now and I still love them (plus they are very well made!)

4. I really, really want this chair for our family room! Its the definition of cozy!

5. I LOVE my braided throw from Ohhio! Its cozy and so, so beautiful. Perfect for snuggling up!

6. This rug is in my shopping cart! The colors (and price) are amazing!

7. Serena & Lily is one of my all-time favorite places to shop and I love this classic windowpane patterned pillow from their new collection!

8. This golden velvet pillow is so pretty!

9. Another really cute and affordable storage bin from H&M. Love the texture!

10. This candle is my all-time favorite! I’ve been buying it for YEARS. The scent (Aloha Orchard) is happy and warm and feels like home to me.

11. I love this vintage-inspired brass bud vase!

12. Another Serena & Lily find – flannel sheets for ultimate comfy and cozy snoozing.

This post does contain some affiliate links meaning if you purchase something you've clicked on,  I will get a small commission. I only promote the products I truly love though!


The happy Nola home: the guest room


Welcome to the happiest and sunniest guest room this side of the Mississippi! We named this room the ‘palm room’ for very obvious reasons and its a simple and minimal nod to the tropical vibes of New Orleans!

Greenery is literally everywhere in the city and we wanted to tap into that without going full scale jungle in this room (plus, this is a weekend house and they needed the greenery to stay alive during the week). Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at the room before any styling was added and it was basically a blank canvas:


The bones were there – those amazing pine floors, the 10” baseboards, new windows and 13’ ceilings and all it needed was some layers of style (and furniture, obviously).


As you have seen here and here, this house is so incredibly open and filled with all the sunlight. It’s just the happiest place! My clients didn’t want to fill this room (or any of the rooms, really) with too much clutter and stuff, but still wanted it to feel homey and styled with the right balance of decor and textiles. They also wanted to pay tribute to New Orleans with the decor. We toyed with the idea of wallpaper, but in the end we decided on decals! Again! And what is more tropical and green than palm fronds?


Did I mention the ceilings are 13 ft tall? We covered that entire accent wall from top to bottom with the decals (we chose a light green and dark green to add interesting contrast to the wall). We wanted that wall to be the star and the rest of the decor to support, not dominate so we kept things simple and minimal.


To balance out all the newness in the room, we wanted to find something vintage and sourced locally so we turned to The Green Project in New Orleans. They carry all sorts of old things like windows, doors, cabinets. light fixtures and furniture among many other items. We found that amazing vintage door and my client had the brilliant idea to turn it into a headboard for the king size bed! Genius! I love adding in unexpected pieces of vintage decor.


We kept the linens crisp and simple with mainly white bedding and added some coordinating color and pattern in with throw pillows. I love using strips especially when paired with a more busy pattern (like the palm fronds on the wall). They add a good amount of contrast and balance things out in the room. We also found that pink chunky throw which gave the bed a dose of cozy texture.


Since this is technically a guest room, we wanted to add some storage to the room. Personally, I’m a big fan of hooks when I stay at a hotel or AirBnB and these simple wooden ones were perfect for sweaters, hats and bags. We also added that blue velvet bench as a place to sit and tie or your shoes or store your larger bags.


Having spent hours installing those decals, it is so rewarding sitting back and looking at the finished space! And what a fun guest room to sleep in! I can’t want to get back down to Nola!

What do you guys think? Have I convinced you to get on the decal train yet?

As always, I’ve pulled together many of the sources in this room with links below:


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This post does contain some affiliate links meaning if you purchase something you've clicked on,  I will get a small commission. I only promote the products I truly love though!