Living and eating well with Buster + Stella & Chewy's


GET THAT DOG OFF THE TABLE! yells my husband as I’m setting up this shot…. haha…. I know, I know…this looks bad but it really is the perfect representation of the rascal that is Buster! And not to worry – we don’t really let him eat out of a bowl on the dining table, but I just really wanted to capture a ‘make you smile’ moment (and maybe a ‘shake your head’ moment from some of you including my husband).

Does Buster really eat food off the table? The answer is yes. He is sneaky like that but its normally food that my kids leave after dinner or a piece of leftover steak sitting on a plate left unattended for a mili-second. He sees an opportunity and takes it! Despite his scoundrel ways, he is a sweet and loving dog who loves his food. Well, really all food but specifically his Stella & Chewy’s raw coated kibble we have been feeding him for the last couple of months.


I love what Stella & Chewy’s stands for when it comes to feeding your pups – quality ingredients responsibly sourced from farmers and ranchers they know and trust. Their kibble is 68-70% meat and animal ingredients with no added hormones or antibiotics.


In addition to feeling good about what I’m feeding him, I have seen lots of improvements in Buster’s overall demeanor since switching him over to Stella & Chewy’s kibble:

• his energy levels are through the roof

• his bathroom habits are much more controlled and regulated (not to mention less poop
accidents in the house)

• his coat is extra healthy and shiny

• he just seems happier and healthier


I mean, that face! It says…’love me' and ‘feed me, please’! Don’t worry Busty, we got you! Now keep off the table and quit barking at the mail carrier!

If you are interested in learning more about Stella & Chewy's approach to creating high-quality foods for pups and trying it out for yourself, you can read all about it here and get a $3 printable coupon:

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