The versatility of a neutral rug + a roundup!

My love for a good rug runs deep. Clearly, because I write about rugs a lot in this space (here and here and here)! To be fair, I do a lot of rug research in my day to day and test out different ones in my home, so it only seems natural that I should become somewhat of a rug expert/connoisseur.

A good rug will really pull a room together and make it feel like home. Cozy, comfortable and lived-in. This is not anything new to most of you, but finding the right rug for your home can be tricky. Take our living room (pictured above): It’s long and a bit narrow and capturing the light can be a challenge at times. I painted the room SW Sea Salt years ago and I actually still love that color. It’s bright and neutral but still has some color in the form of subtle blues and greens, depending on the time of day. Finding the right rug to compliment this specific room has been a challenge for me because there is already so much color and texture happening, not to mention the tricky sunlight situation. After trying many different iterations in here, I have found that a neutral (specifically black & white) rug works the best. And really, the beauty of black and white is it goes with pretty much anything!

This rug in particular is amazing! Its soo soft and cozy and once I put it down, my kids camped out on the floor to watch a movie and both feel asleep (true story). They lay on it as if its a bed! Its also very very affordable and there is no shedding!

In the happy Nola home, we found a similar style rug that worked perfectly paired with that stunning floral accent wall. That rug in particular was under $400 for an 8x10 and it was really, really great in person! Both of these rugs are made from Polypropylene (machine-made), which sounds kinda scary but I have been very pleased with the quality, especially for the price and the added benefit of no shedding! Give me soft and cozy with a side of tassels any day!

Now that you have seen some photographic evidence of the versatility of the black & white rug, here are 12 beauties that I have rounded up from some of my favorite sources:


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