My calm & neutral bedroom

Hello and welcome to my neutral sleeping oasis! One of the most neglected spaces in my home has been my bedroom. I have lived in this house for almost 4 years and have basically done nothing to the space (design-wise) apart from a few accessories here and there and adding a king size bed when we had our second kid. I've spent the better part of this week cleaning and styling this space and I'm pretty happy with it. Its not perfect (what space is?) but I think its achieving the neutral and calm goal that I was going for.


When we were renovating our master bathroom, I decided to bite the bullet and paint the master bedroom the same color (white). The color is BM Chantilly Lace and its a really awesome color. Its crisp and clean, but also leans a tad warm too. I love how big and open the space feels (and to be fair, it is a pretty bit room). I'm in on white and this is my first foray into painting a room strictly white. I have long admired it in other's homes and I can officially say I'm loving it in mine as well!


I just got that scandi-style clock from a local shop in Durham and I love it in that spot. Not sure we will actually use it to tell time (hello, phones) but I'm gonna give it a go! And I found it on sale at Rejuvenation today, in case you were into it :)


And can we talk about this amazing bedding from California Cotton?! Its so incredibly soft and stylish! Not the most practical if seeing dog hair on your beautiful white bedding bothers you, but I still just love it so dang much.


The room is rather big and open and connects to our master bath. I love this view! The old Erin would have needed more color and pattern, but the older and more mature me digs the white and creams. Color from that amazing Juniper Briggs piece and my fiddle are giving this space life!


I love mixing the old with the new. I did a post about re-freshing this piece that once belonged to my grandmother with new pulls and a new mirror. I added a few other accessories around it to finish off the space.


This part of the space is honestly still evolving. I debated on even sharing this part of the room because its just not 100% yet. Its not bad and I enjoy some of the elements like my new rad and modern diffuser from Pilgrim and that hat rack. I really want to get one of those Samsung Frame TVs but for now this will be fine. And I know having this big ol' black box in my zen and calming space is kinda confusing, but I love watching my fav shows in here after the kids go to bed. So, its worth it to me for now.


I guess I have a thing for brass, family photos and fake plants as side table props!


So there you have it. I'm pretty happy with it, but I can see adding some more color (or maybe texture) to the walls at some point. Maybe a fun and muted wall paper or some ship lap? One day..... Let me know your thoughts if you got em! And thank you for reading!

Sources: upholstered bed / rug / bedding / wardrobe (similar) / wall lamps / rattan wall mirror (similar) / drapery rods / nightstands (similar) / curtains / candle / planter / Juniper Briggs 'In The Moment' print / Zoe diffuser / round brass frame / white table lamps / round mirror with strap /

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