Refreshing my grandmother's vintage dresser


I recently inherited a really cool piece of vintage furniture from my grandmother. As a kid, I had always admired it and loved going through all the drawers because she kept all her beauty supplies and fun treasures there. When she passed last spring, I knew I wanted to find a place for it in my home and we recently moved it into our bedroom. I'm not sure how old it is (maybe the 1920's?), but it has that imperfect charm about it. I loved it, but wanted to give it a little re-fresh and make it fit a bit better with the rest of my aesthetic (vintage + modern) plus clean her up a little bit.

Here she is when we moved it upstairs. I say 1920's because that mirror has that feel to me, but I could be wrong. Anyone have a clue? The mirror was pretty badly cracked, but still usable. I wanted to update it a little bit, but still keep the vintage charm.


I loved that marble top and it was in decent shape so I didn't have to do much apart from a little wipe down and some light elbow grease. I kinda love all the stains and marks from all those years. This baby has been loved! The main thing I did was replace the mirror with this lovely round modern one from West Elm and added a fun wooden hook to hold it in place.


I also replaced the older pulls my go-to CB2 brass pulls. Those guys are so great and soo affordable! A little Old English, some light styling with my favorite candle, accessories and voilà!


It's not a major transformation, but just a baby re-fresh. Short, sweet with just enough impact! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments :)

If you are interested in the sources, here ya go:
round mirror / table lamps (similar) / vase / candle / bracelet / brass pulls / curtains / rug / wooden hook

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