Welcome to my refreshed monochromatic guest room (on a budget)

Happy Friday, friends! Today, I wanted to share a room I recently refreshed very quickly with some paint, a few (very inexpensive!) purchased items and shopping my house for the rest. Don't get me wrong - as I designer I have the urge to constantly be re-doing and updating and I'd love to always get new things, but my pocketbook won't allow it. I need to save for things like college tuition these days! This room is far from my perfect space, but using what I already had and updating it a bit with a few new purchases is making it a feel little bit more modern, welcoming and guest-ready (it is our guest room after all!)  


Let's start with a quick before. We have lived in this house for 4 years and I had done nothing to this space. I actually like that happy color, but I just wanted to switch it up a bit and make it a tiny bit more grown-up and sophisticated.


The bed was actually my husband's as a bachelor! I took the round pieces off of the headboard (one was broken so I kinda had to) and added a picture ledge for some art and color.  And those nightstands are inexpensive Ikea pieces I have had forever. Do I want some new ones? Yes! But, priorities :) Oh and the color is SW Silverpointe in a matte finish. Its a light grey with more cool tones. 

The bedding is all Target with the exception of that amazing throw from West Elm. I love the texture it adds. The lumbar is a beauty from my friend Monika of ZigZag Studio Design and the throw pillow is an oldie but goodie from Anthroplogie. The art is a mix of Kelly Ventura, Jenny's Print Shop, Inaluxe and Home Goods. 


The one thing I purchased that I feel really adds a finishing touch to this room are those window panels from West Elm. They are actually black out curtains! I love the texture and that pleated look from the drapery clips. Truth be told I need to hem them, but the room is pretty small so from these pictures, you can't really tell!

I had the Target mirror (doesn't everyone?...its a good affordable one!) and the vintage dresser, but I did my little easy trick of adding modern hardware, polishing it up with a bit of Old English and she is as good as new! The table lamp is from World Market. You can mix and match the bases to the shades and get a more custom look. I think I spent $100 total on it!


The only other piece I purchased for this room was that amazing chair from Target. For the price (I got it for under $200!) it is really, really good. Very well made and pretty easy to assemble. Its low profile, simple and actually comfy! I don't think I talked about the rug yet - but its vintage and came from my parents house. I like how the reds and pinks play off they grays in the room, giving me enough color for it to feel happy and homey!


So there you have it folks! I think I spent between $400-$500 total for the room. Not bad and I'm loving having a new(ish) space that feels complete (for now..lol). 

Let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading!

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