My Shopping and Styling Adventures with Home Centric


Hello and happy Tuesday! Over the past couple of weeks, I've had the pleasure of shopping and styling with the help of Home Centric and I wanted to recap my entire experience here! 

 Home Centric is a new home decor store in Cary, NC, with a focus on style within reach. They have a ton of inventory in a variety of styles and price points. My own personal style leans pretty classic modern, but with touches of traditional and a heavy dose of Mid-Century.


I was able to find lots of items to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the decor in my home. I loved that modern tufted chair and the fun grey throw with the chunky tassels. Its comfy and there is plenty of room for snuggles and Netflix binging. 


I fell in love with their tulips and pretty much used them everywhere I could in my home. They were so well priced and so realistic! Can't say enough good things. They had them in a myriad of colors, but ultimately, I chose white for a classic feel!


Also, that leather bench! I knew instantly when I saw it that it would be perfect in my home. It’s real leather and has beautiful tufting on it! You can see me above swooning over it in the store!


I even found something for my son's room. I simply placed two of these storage ottomans (more tufting!) together and styled around them with items I already had. I love how they add a bit of sophistication and texture to the space! Plus storage, of course!


They had a ton of accessories and smaller items in addition to furniture. I found these pretty, striped bath towels that look great in my bathroom!


The whole process has been so much fun. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and I couldn't be happier with the pieces that I got. If you are local, go check ‘em out and don't leave without a bundle of tulips! 

Sound off in the comments with thoughts or questions. Happy shopping!