Friday Favorites (on a Saturday)


I love a good roundup, so I thought I would take the opportunity to curate some of my favorite things from the week and share them here! I had intended (and will, going forward) to post this on Friday but life happened and I didn't get to it. Check back here on Fridays going forward for things that I've purchased for myself or for clients, things on my wish list, inspirational pieces, book suggestions, recipes, music or just people/places/things that I love and am inspired by! 

Now, on to my favorites from this Friday!

1. RETRO STYLE TOASTER I recently got one of these awesome retro toasters from Russell Hobbs. I love the contrast of black in my white kitchen and I'm a sucker for anything reminiscent of the 1950's!

2. SCANDINAVIAN SUNBURST WALLPAPER This beautiful paper from Chasing Paper is amazing! I am currently installing this in my entryway and can't wait to share the full space once its complete. 

3. TERRA COTTA FUNNEL PLANTER The women over at Holistic Habitat know how to curate some amazing pieces! This came in the mail this week and I am so excited to find the perfect plant for this baby! This is just one of many beautiful things in their shop!

4. NAVY DRESS I don't shop for clothing as much as I used and even though I'm a bit older these days, I still go to Modcloth for the occasional dose of retro style in my wardrobe! (I have a collection of about 25 vintage dresses) I have this dress and I can say its so flattering and so incredibly comfortable!

5. BIG SUR PRINT I can't say enough good things about Jenny's Print Shop. They are always adding new pieces and have an amazing collection of very affordable and downloadable art. This one was recently added and I love it!

6. THE MINIMALIST KITCHEN COOKBOOK I have been a fan of Melissa from The Faux Martha for a while now! Her new cookbook is full of gorgeous images, simple, delicious recipes and beautiful design! I also love her step by step approach with each recipe. Can't recommend this book enough!

Thats it for now! Check back every Friday for more favorites! And happy weekend!