Our Outdoor Living Space

Hello and happy Friday! Today, I'm sharing a few glimpses of our deck and our (slightly over grown) backyard space. If I'm being totally honest, this space has probably gotten the least attention and dare I say is slightly neglected. I showed my husband these photos and he was like eek! I should have trimmed those trees! All I can say is real life, people! I'm trying to make the best of what we have! My kids love being out here and its very nice in the evening when the sun is setting. There are a few new pieces (the chairs and the rug) but mostly I have made do with what I already have. We have a TON of trees back there, so this area sees quite a bit of debris and outdoor wear and tear.  I can't really justify spending a lot on improving it until we cut down some of the trees and get the backyard properly landscaped. Its going to happen...someday!


What do you think of my outdoor sofa hack? LOL. I realized last year that we probably needed to get a bigger outdoor sofa, but given the reasons I mentioned above I decided to try and make do. I pushed the loveseat and the two chairs together to create a larger seating area that fits the space. Dare I say it looks kinda like an airport lounge, but I'm going with it this year! Hell, it works and sometimes that is good enough! That set is from Target, but they no longer make it!


I did temporarily move our indoor coffee table out here and I think it works pretty well and would probably work as an outdoor one. I like having different pieces that don't all match so it feels more eclectic and collected. And our hydrangeas are in full bloom so I had to pick a couple for the table. Its been very lovely weather this past week with minimal humidity, so I have been enjoying a cup of coffee out here in the mornings. Also, less bugs in the morning so that is a plus! 


Those white chairs are just the best! I think World Market might be my favorite for outdoor decor lately! The pillow is from West Elm (but again, last year). And that Target rug is so good and so dang affordable! If only I could keep it out here all the time, but those trees would dirty it up in a heartbeat so we move it out here when we entertain or just want to enjoy the space a bit more. Its not that big of a deal to move and store it when needed.


Here is another angle looking out to our (very old) playhouse that my kids still love. Its a small space but great for entertaining and grilling (our grill is on the opposite site). What do you guys think? Someday, I'd love to get a new deck put in, add a garden, a shed and do some landscaping but until then I'm happy with it. You can check out some of the sources below.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!