What I'm Into Lately: Self-Care

Self-Care. A very modern state of mind/topic. If I'm being honest (and I am), I'm a very new adopter of this principle. A little bit of a backstory leading up to my new found habit of being kind to myself: As far as I can remember, I always felt like a pretty normal person. I think I'm nice, have honest values and think overall – I'm a good human being. With that said, I've always had incredibly low self-worth, a complete lack of assertiveness, have always doubted myself/my decisions and have found myself apologizing at every turn. But, I've made it through life this far, so for the longest time I just rolled with it and kept everything very private and tucked away.

Over the last couple of years, those feelings have only gotten more intense. When I had kids, it compounded even more to the point that I was angry, crying or sad on a very regular basis. Don't get me wrong - I have amazing kids and a great life, but for whatever reason, I was just...well...clinically depressed as they say. Basically full of sadness and anxiety. 

I could write many more paragraphs on my own personal mental health story, but that could get a bit long....so all that to say that I'm in therapy, take medication and have started to really take self-care very seriously. And there are a ton of ways to take care of yourself, but for me as an (ahem....aging) woman in her late 30's, self-care means pampering myself with baths, re-reruns of The Crown in bed, working out, eating healthier and taking care of my skin. 


I used to love makeup and beauty products, but after I had my kids I kinda put myself on the back burner and abandoned a lot of my old skincare routines. Big mistake! (for me). I told myself that I had more important things to spend my time and money on. Little did I realize that by putting everyone's needs and happiness over my own, it was affecting my own self-worth. Now, I'm not suggesting folks go out and buy all the expensive beauty products to feel happy/beautiful, but for me – taking the time for myself in that regard has made me feel...well more like me again (in the best way possible). It's like saying to myself: you still matter!

 I hope that makes sense! Ok, now on to some of my favs lately and a few honest reviews:


Side note: I am not a beauty blogger or an expert. These are just the products I'm using that are currently working for me. 

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser
I've been using this for a couple of weeks now (morning and night) and I honestly love it. It lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling very soft and refreshed (and not too dry). I've read very good things about AHAs for ance and aging and those are my pain points!

Trader Joe's Rose Water Toner
This smells so good! And I'm not technically sure what it does, but I spritz it on in the evening and my face feels hydrated and fresh. Mostly for me, its the smell! But its super affordable ($3.99) and is made with real Damask rose water and oil.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer
I have tried many of Glossier's products and really really like them, but this is one of my favs. I am on my second tube of this because it does a great job of hydrating my skin and is super light (I have very oily skin) and fresh!

Dr. Hauschka Eye Cream
Love this eye cream for day and night! Go away fine lines!

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment
I've only used this a handful of times, but so far – it's awesome! Love how it tingles on your skin and afterward your skin just glows (and for me is a bit red at first but that dissipates after a few minutes).

The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA
I put this on after I cleanse/moisturize at night and my skin feels so smooth in the morning! I've also noticed less breakout and smaller pores after using this (in combination with the other products) Plus its $6.50!

Coola SPF 30 Mineral Primer
I've been using this after my morning cleansing and moisturizing routine and I love how it improves the overall texture and appearance of my skin. I have oily skin and at times a yucky pore situation and this really helps both of those issues! Also, it's sunscreen!

Jane Iredale Mineral BB Cream
This is probably my new favorite product to date! It gives better coverage than most of the high-end foundations I have tried and really smooths and evens out my skin! And a little goes a long way with this stuff so I'm hoping it will last a long time. Also, more sunscreen!

Antonym Copper Organic Baked Blush
I just love how natural and healthy this looks on my skin (I have the Peach color). The smell is kinda odd..maybe because it's organic and natural? Either way, it's fantastic!

This post does contain some affiliate links meaning if you purchase something you've clicked on,  I will get a small commission. I only promote the products I truly love though!