Feeding my pup only the best stuff with Stella & Chewy's

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If you have followed me on Instagram for any amount of time, you know that I have a very special place in my heart for my sweet pup, Buster Bear. He is a regular in photographs and is pretty much my shadow, following me everywhere I go every minute of the day. I call him my 'ride or die'.

photo by  Stephanie Bryan

A little backstory on Buster: We adopted him last year after our first pup Mollie B passed away. He brought lots of laughter and love into our home and after losing our first dog, it was very much needed (especially for me). It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine though, as we quickly realized he needed a lot of special attention due to his extreme separation anxiety (he had moved around quite a bit as a young pup and was clearly stressed). He also peed and pooped very frequently in the house and seemed to want to chew up everything! Regardless of some of his...ahem...flaws...we all fell in love and knew he would eventually get the hang of things.

When Stella & Chewy's reached out to me to try some of their new Raw Blend kibble, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to feed Buster the very best ingredients and encourage a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle for our young and at times, stressed pup.


Buster's eating habits weren't necessarily bad during his first few months with us, but he really preferred to steal food off my kid's plates when they weren't looking vs eating his actual dog food! What a rascal!


When it comes to choosing dog food, I always try to choose the very best, making sure that quality meat is the number one ingredient. I happily discovered that the Raw Blend and the Raw Coated Kibble met all my dog food requirements and then some:

  • meat is the #1 ingredient using responsibly sourced proteins like grass-fed beef,

    lamb and venison, cage-free poultry and pheasant and wild-caught fish

  • no hormones or antibiotics

  • 100% organic fruits and veggies

  • grain-free

  • I've definitely noticed some positive changes in Buster's mood, appetite and overall demeanor. We've been feeding him the Wild-Caught Whitefish Recipe and he has been loving it so far. He seems happier and has more pep in his step! Not to mention a more healthy and balanced diet has improved (some) of his old bathroom habits!

I have been so pleased with Buster's progress and know that feeding him a high-quality raw blend diet will have a meaningful, positive impact on his overall health and well being. Not to mention being a happier and more well-behaved pup! Cheers to that!

If you are interested in learning more about Stella & Chewy's approach to creating high-quality foods for pups and trying it out for yourself, you can save $5 with a printable coupon by signing up here: https://www.stellaandchewys.com/akibbleabove