A bold & quirky guest room refresh (the plan)


I’m at it again refreshing my guest room and while I love the neutral and simple vibe happening currently happening in this room, I’m always up for a change!

I recently had the chance to try out some of Chasing Paper’s new collection of removable wall paper with Graduate Hotels that is playfully inspired by the Gradate Hotels’ preppy aesthetic and signature interiors. I was immediately drawn to the vintage art print and thought it would be such a fun statement piece in a bedroom. And I sincerely love changing things up around my home (it’s my own personal canvas, after all).


I created a mockup of the wall with some of the pieces I’m planning to add in addition to the wallpaper. Its a statement for sure, but I’m kinda digging it! I like getting out of my comfort zone and trying something a bit different. And their wall paper is such great quality and easily removed, so its not a huge commitment.

Lets also talk about the art on the ledge! I’m still honestly debating on whether that wall even needs art, but I’m going to try it since I have already this picture ledge installed. I’m keeping the vintage theme going (because its very fun and I’m obsessed) and adding vintage inspired paintings and a few simple & graphic prints to the ledge. I found some really lovely prints from Artfully Walls that are perfectly full of character and charm and evoke that 1950’s style. I can’t get enough of it!

I’m also still debating the nightstands. I really wanted a campaign style but I can’t seem to find any that I love that aren’t under $350. I feel like that is a lot for nightstands, especially because I need two and that math rounds out to about $700+. Ouch. Target to the rescue! I know that there are probably much better quality night stands out there, but I love the style and the shape (and the color!) of these and I’m ok with going in a more budget-friendly direction.

So that is about it for now! I’m planning on ordering everything and getting to work styling and designing very soon. Come back and see the full reveal with better photos in a few weeks.

If you guys are into it, here is the full wall mockup with the sources below.

Thanks for reading!