9 amazing faux plants that could pass for the real thing


Let it be known that I have a love affair with the faux plant. And the real plant too, but I have a tendency to neglect/forget and eventually kill the real ones. Its a total bummer, but thankfully there are lots of folks out there just like me and therefore the market responded and started making some amazing faux versions. Plant killers and lazy homeowners unite!


I have plants all over my home - both real and fake. I'd say the ratio is about 50/50 at this point. I honestly used to be embarrassed to admit that, but I've gotten over that now since I've decided to dedicate a blog post exclusively on the subject. Lol. To me, the most effective way to use the faux is to the blend with the real, so things feel balanced and believable. This is not necessarily my hard and fast rule, but just a good tip that works for me. 

Some of my favorite faux options for botanicals are the olive branch, cactus, fiddle leaf, tulip and any kind of trailing plant. Those are especially good on shelves and up high so even if they aren't amazing, you can't get close enough to tell. 

One of my go-to places to shop for faux greenery is World Market. Everybody has that incredible 6' fiddle leaf (for good reason) and their faux cactus selection is on-point. Pottery Barn, West Elm and Ikea are also great resources for artificial botanicals. I've also discovered some amazing faux tulips this year from places like Magnolia and Home Centric. Of course, fresh tulips would be ideal, but these fake ones look very convincing and THEY NEVER DIE!

I've rounded up some of my favorite faux options below (some of them I own!):


1. Olive Branch / 2. Trailing Succulent / 3. Blue Myrtle Cactus / 4. 6' Fiddle / 5. Tulips / 6. Spider Houseplant / 7. Large Succulent / 8. Senita Cactus / 9. Potted Fern

So what do you guys think about faux botanicals in general? For them? Against them? Mixed feelings? Let me know!

This post does contain some affiliate links meaning if you purchase something you've clicked on,  I will get a small commission. I only promote the products I truly love though!