The perfect personalized and inexpensive gift for any occasion


I love the idea of sending a friend, loved one or even a colleague or client a little something to show love, kindness and/or gratitude. There is just something so incredibly special about receiving a lovely and unexpected piece of happy mail. Just a little something to say 'I love you', 'happy birthday' or 'thank you' makes all the difference. And as a designer, something that is completely personalized but also very beautiful and well-designed checks all of my boxes. 

When Greetabl reached out to me to see if I would be interested in creating my own personalized gift, I happily jumped at the chance to customize a special gift for my sister who just had her fourth child and also had a birthday coming up! Everyone needs a little love and attention in their life, especially a very busy and sleep-deprived momma!


Greetabl is an online one-stop-shop for creatively-curated gifts and greetings that are personalized, packaged and sent in just a few clicks. I had a hard time choosing from all of their amazing designs and patterns, not to mention the fabulous selection of gifts to choose from. It was all soo good. I wish I would have known about this company years ago!

I chose a beautiful and colorful botanical print and paired it with some of their adorable birthday imagery. You can also customize the images to your heart's desire, adding personalized photos and graphics to the squares. 

Once you settle on a design, you then go on to choose the gift that will be included in your Greetabl. They had the best selection from amazing candles, beauty products and delicious candies to name just a few. I really had a hard time choosing! 


Sometimes a card isn't enough and $50 flowers are too much. The price for each Greetabl is around $30 and I love that you can send-the-love without breaking the bank. Such a simple little gesture that makes a really big impact! 

I highly recommend checking them out the next time you need to send a little something to a loved one. These would also be so great to send to a client or colleague! The possibilities are endless!

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