NEW PROJECT ALERT: Wyatt's classically cool big kid room (the plan)

Hello friends! I swear I’m going to get back into 2 blog posts a week, but I can’t seem to get my s**t together these days for even one! ha! In all honesty, I really do love what I do but I have trouble saying no (but I’m working on that as well as being more organized!) so my plate gets full very quickly!

Anyways, I’m here today talking about the plans for my soon-to-be seven year old’s big kid bedroom. I’m very excited about this one (and so is he)! After finishing Zora’s room last year, he was very (very) eager for his turn and I can’t wait to finally make that happen in the next month or so.

Before I talk about the general direction and inspiration, I wanted to share what his room currently looks like now. Its not terrible, but it feels a bit too youthful for him at this stage so my goal is to create a fresh and more mature space for him to grow into.


Clearly I’m loving the starry night theme! (I moved that picture around so many times). Also, this room feels like an older version of my style, so I’m excited to try a more grown-up direction (while still keeping it fun and happy - of course)!

I’ve also been scouring the pages of Pinterest for inspiration over the last few months. Here are a couple of dreamy options that stood out:

Since Wyatt is almost 7 and has a clear sense of what he likes, I wanted to make sure to get his feedback and suggestions for the style direction. I’m not huge on themes in general, but he wanted his room to be a giant solar system so I’m putting my spin on that idea! He also loves Star Wars, dinosaurs, legos (still haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate that but I’m working on it) and requested a bigger bed.

I think the thing he is most excited about is getting his own desk (or his own “office” as he called it). The room is getting a fresh coat of white paint (still undecided on the actual color), linen roman shades (these are a really great ready-made option) and that very cool constellation map wall paper to name a few.

I can’t wait to see this all come together! I’ve included all the sources on the graphic below in case you are curious! Stay tuned for the full reveal in the next couple of weeks to a month!

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