Buster's adoption story and a special initiative with Stella + Chewy's


It’s no secret we are big fans our pup, Buster (in real life and online)! He is the sweetest (and equally devilish) most loving dog you ever did meet (unless you are the UPS driver or mail carrier). ha. He is as loyal as they come and very (very) affectionate to those he loves, especially to my son Wyatt.

We adopted Buster about a year and half ago after loosing our first pup, Mollie B (who was also equally loved and adopted too). We decided to adopt again because we knew there were so many pups out there who needed homes and plus he was too cute to pass up! He was 1 when we got him and still had many puppy tendencies (like pooping in the house and chewing on EVERYTHING). I’m happy to say that he has grown up quite a bit over the last year and has settled in nicely to family life in Raleigh.


I was so happy to discover Stella & Chewy’s and work together with them to regulate Buster’s diet and get him feeling (and looking) healthy and happy! We have been feeding him their raw coated kibble for about 6 months now and he loves it! I see improvements in his bathroom habits as well as his behavior and his coat is always extra shiny! He is basically living his best life and loving every moment and that brings me joy to know he is loved and cared for by his family.


In addition to the Buster-approved food offerings and amazing ingredients, I also love what Stella + Chewy’s is all about: having a meaningful + positive impact on a dog’s life and also giving back to the rescue community.

Both Stella and Chewy were adopted as adult rescues by the founder Marie Moody so adult and senior pet adoption is very meaningful and important to them. Adults and seniors are less likely to be adopted and Stella + Chewy’s wanted to support senior and adult rescues while also driving awareness about the awesomeness of adult and senior pet adoption. As part of giving back, they’re donating a meal to senior rescues for every bag of Stella and Chewy's purchased as part of their Journey Home Fund initiative.


I’m so happy to have found and adopted my sweet Buster and we can’t imagine life without him!

To find out more about the Journey Home Fund and help support a senior pet in need, head here for all the details.

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