My favs from The Container Store


There is something so satisfying, calming and oh so beautiful about a well-organized space (or even a drawer or cabinet). I’ve touched on this before here and I feel very passionate about this subject. When my home is clean(ish) and organized, I feel like I can take on the world and really focus! It’s the best!

And is there a better place to go to find all of the beautiful, functional and well-made storage pieces than The Container Store? The answer is nope! And by the way, this post is 100% not sponsored (I wish…I tried…and they said no but I’m not hating) ha!


This place is like crack to me! And the bad news for me and good news for them is that there is one right down the street from me. Yikes! Give me ALLLL of the gorgeous canisters, baskets, office supplies, closet stuff, cleaning stuff…..

I could go on and on but instead of being too long-winded about my passion for this brand, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites below (and I had to pare this list way down). I think I might actually own most of these items, so you are getting raw and honest feedback!

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1 / I love how this has different levels for different fruits (or whatever you use it for). I’m thinking about those onions and bananas!

2 / The cutest, most playful hooks! I bought one for my son’s room.

3 / These baskets are so elegant and well-made!

4 / The cleanest and best smelling stuff to wipe down any surface. I’m on my second bottle!

5 / I’m eyeing these for my pantry makeover that started today!

6 / There are many of these cuties in my spice cabinet.

7 / Love the Scandi style! I use these to store small garments and socks!

8 / These are wonderful to hide ugly bottles and packaging in your pantry. (keeping it real!)

9 / Love the pops of color from the tops and these make great storage for smaller dry goods.

10 / Have this and love it for organizing my spices!

11 / I love this to keep up with my weekly tasks! It’s old school but I have found using it to be very effective!

12 / The cutest little pouch to store your biz cards! I have the copper color.

13 / I used these on my son’s bookshelves and they are super roomy and well made!

14 / Raise your hand if you love a good writing pen??! (hands way up in the air) These babies are awesome.

15 / My under sink storage never looked so good!

16 / I’m in on anything with leather pulls!