Styling with the new (and very good) Flower Home collection from Drew Barrymore


So truth be told that I am a huge Drew Barrymore fan since the E.T. days and I feel like we could be friends IRL… haha…I wish. In addition to all of her amazing films, she has always had this warm personality and effortless style that I have always admired. And it makes total sense that she would also be a great designer! Now this is not a post about my love and affection for Drew, but rather a post about her new amazing Flower Home line available at Walmart! Yes, I said Walmart!

I had the chance to test out a few of my favorite pieces from the new collection and it’s very, very good. And affordable! And well made! All the good things! So with my seal of written approval, let’s walk through some of the decor items I purchased and (very easily) integrated into my home.


I think the star of the collection is the art and all the color! And artwork can be tricky but I have found it’s one of the best ways to add style and personality to a room and that hilarious Human Dog print takes the cake! Talk about personality! And it’s big and already framed! I also debated on the Spotted Love Dog print as well and kinda think I might still get it! I love the sweet quirkiness!

I really love velvet but don’t have enough of it in my life so I decided to grab that gorgeous ceramic table lamp with the velvet shade. It’s soo pretty and I love that delicious velvety pink against the white walls in our bedroom!


I love adding pops of pink (clearly) and that English Rose Abstract Wall Art had my name all over it! I literally hung it all over my house trying to find the right spot and it worked everywhere! I just love it!


Moving into my office, let’s discuss that amazing (and very very study) Wood Leaner Mirror! It’s beautiful and well-made and just classically beautiful. I’m actually always looking for good floor mirrors and this one was the perfect mix of clean + simple style and affordability! Honestly, I would have thought the price point ($198) would have been much more for the quality!


The final piece I purchased was the lovely little Vintage Palm Decorative Vase. I love all the color and details and it has that artisan hand-made vibe going on which I am VERY INTO!

All in all, the collection is very very good! It’s warm, sweet and high quality (just like I imagine Drew to be!) Since I couldn’t get everything (lol), I rounded up some of my fav pieces from the collection that are all available to purchase from Walmart!


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Head on over and shop the whole Flower Home Collection – it’s all very lovely, well-made and best of all affordable! And there’s free shipping on orders over $35!

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