9 large & affordable vintage rugs

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One of the most frequent questions I get asked is where is the rug from?? And it’s usually in reference to the vintage (or vintage inspired) ones. They are trendy and yet traditional and more importantly, timeless in the most spectacular ways! They tell a story and and give a room ‘soul’. I’m slowly amassing a collection and I ain’t one bit mad about it!

There is one tricky thing about them though, and it’s their sticker shock. They are an investment! Especially the larger ones which can carry a price tag into the thousands. And I totally understand the fluctuation of prices is dependent on a lot of factors like color, size, age and wear. Typically the newer the rug (says from the 1960’s or 70’s) the cheaper.

You can find a mix of prices if you look hard enough though and it just so happens that I have been on the hunt! I specifically searched (mostly on Etsy) for larger vintage rugs that were around $500 and I found a couple of great options!

So to keep brevity in mind (because who reads?? lol) I have rounded up 9 options for vintage rugs on the larger and more affordable side.

E N J O Y !

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