My newly refreshed and reorganized pantry!


glass canisters / mesh drawers / can storage / wire baskets with wood handle / clear storage bins / wire stackable basket

Man, I love organization! It’s the key to family happiness in my book. Well, maybe not the key but in my opinion – it ranks high. When a space is clean and organized, you are damn straight that sparks joy! And I’m not the biggest fan of the process of getting there (I’m extremely impulsive at times and want it to be beautiful right away) but I love the after and the sense of calm and peace I get.

I recently made some changes in our kitchen to make the space more functional, simplified and organized. I’m trying to be more intentional about how I live in my home, while also making minor updates to the aesthetic of it all. Because, style matters! Our pantry was a good place to start - from both a form and function perspective. It was a bit dingy and my previous attempts at organization from a few years back had quickly fallen into shambles because..well…life! Here is the way it looked about 4 weeks ago:


We didn’t change much structurally – mainly we tore out the shelves that were already there and added tile, an electrical outlet for my baby microwave and white oak shelves. My husband thought it was silly to tile a space that essentially stayed closed off for most of the time, but I love the added detail and surprise you get when you open those doors.

And if you are wondering if I love having the microwave tucked away in the pantry, then the answer is yes! I did worry slightly that it might be inconvenient to downsize and move it farther from the main kitchen area, but so far it’s been really great! I only use the microwave to heat up coffee and the occasional frozen meal so it ended up being the perfect solution! And no issue with smell either! I highly recommend this setup if you have the right space and need for it!


As always, Buster is sniffing around and in the way while I’m trying to shoot one specific space. lol


My goal was for the pantry to feel like an extension of the kitchen with timeless finishes and simplicity. (more on my kitchen refresh soon!) In addition to changing the way it looked, I paired down and tossed out old and expired food and corralled all of our staples into their own containers (as much as possible). The goal was to create an accessible and organized system for all the things we use on a regular basis.


I also wanted the pantry to be organized in a way that I could realistically manage it. When I tackled it back in 2015, I purchased so many glass and plastic containers and put all the things in containers. Many of them went unused or became stale (I never have luck storing cereal in containers…maybe I have the wrong containers…) so I wanted this version to be more livable and accessible. Nothing too fussy or perfect!


mmmm…Topo Chicos! (the best and fizziest mineral water ever if you have not tried one!)


That is one clean and sparkly pantry, don’t ya think?! I love the way it turned out and will likely continue to tweak the designs and arrangement to our needs.

Come back later in the week for some organization tips on getting your own pantry to spark joy!

And, if you are curious about sources, I’ve rounded everything up below!

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