6 simple tips to add curb appeal


Today I’m talking about that very important (and at times overlooked) thing called curb appeal. It’s the first impression of your home which can go along way especially if you are selling (we are not, just taking pride in our home). We spent a couple of weekends this spring sprucing up the exterior of our home. Nothing major – just lots of mulch, fresh flowers and shrubs, a lot of power washing, weeding and shit ton of sweat and mosquito bites (no joke..I had 40 on just my legs). And also some simple + modern decor to top things off! Well, because I’m a designer and I have to decorate all the things!

I’ve teamed up with my friends at Home Centric to share 6 simple+easy+maybe slightly obvious (ha) tips to level up your curb appeal. Let’s get into it!


1 / Clean it up

And power wash that sucker! We are hanging on to very dated and slightly damaged masonite siding that I would love to upgrade (one day), but you would be amazed at what some power washing can do to brighten and freshen! I hired a local company to do it and it was so worth it – like a brand new, freshly-painted house at a fraction of the cost!


2 / Get pruning & mulching

Trimming back shrubs and over grown trees, pulling weeds and laying mulch (like a ton of it) will transform your yard and take your curb appeal to the next level! It’s relatively cheap but hard work so get ready to sweat!

3 / Dust off the gardening tools and get planting

Plants and flowers add contrast, layers of texture and give off all the welcoming vibes. They can also highlight and accentuate exterior features like a walkway or seating area and frame visual points like windows, porches and entryways. We framed the front of our house with simple boxwoods and azalea bushes because they are easy and hardy! And remember to choose plants and flowers based on how much sun light your home gets as you want to make sure your new friends are happy and healthy!


4 / Dress up your porch

The front entry is the focal point to your home’s curb appeal and should also reflect the home's interior, so choose pieces that represent your personal style. I like to keep things fairly simple decor-wise on my front porch – nothing too fussy or overdone but still very warm and welcoming. I already had the rockers (similar style) but found that lovely organic coffee table from Home Centric and layered in some softness with a couple of striped throw pillows and a breezy throw (also from Home Centric) for cooler evenings. Simple and easy!


5 / Don’t forget the details

Upgrading elements like your door hardware, lighting, planters, door bell and house numbers will add lots of style and interest to your home's exterior. These little changes make a huge impact and give off all of the welcoming + happy vibes. And speaking of welcoming, don’t forget to freshen up the mat! I love layering color and pattern on top of texture and those outdoor rugs I found from Home Centric are just the right mix!


copper planter / rocker (similar) / coffee table / striped pillow

6 / Add window planters for extra charm

This is more or less another detail (see tip #5), but deserves an extra call out! Technically I have deck planters but it’s the same idea and I absolutely love the charm these natural baskets add and we are lucky enough to have a double porch for double the impact! We filled them with sun-loving plants and flowers like petunias, sweet potato vine and creeping jenny. And yes, I do water them regularly but I love them so much that I don’t mind the extra work!


Now sit back, relax and enjoy the view from all of your hard work!

And in case you forgot, here’s a quick graphical re-cap to save and pin if you are into it!

Happy summer, friends!


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