for the love of texture: 24 decor pieces perfect for fall


Now that school is fully back in session, my brain is starting to think fall and holidays (eeek) even though it still very much feels like summer in NC (and the heat will likely continue well into October). As a stylist and social media person (ok, influencer..but that still feels strange to say about myself) it’s quite common to start planning ahead for our content and editorial calendars. And I’m excited because fall is and has always been my favorite! I love to snuggle up with a fire going, drink mulled wine, wear layers, bake pies…I sleep better when it’s cooler out and honestly, I’m just a bit happier. (being hot makes me grumpy).


Getting back to the topic at hand….in the spirit of getting ready for fall (and because all the stores are already there), I thought it would be fun to round up some amazing home decor with a focus on texture because every room needs a bit! Texture adds warmth, richness, softness, balance, character…all things that make your home feel comfortable, lived-in and collected.

So please enjoy some organic, textural fall-inspired goodies below!


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