Styling guide: the bar cart


Happy weekend, friends! This post was originally intended to go up yesterday but life happened so I had to delay. We can still enjoy our favorite cocktail on a Saturday night instead, right?! Technically I’m not talking about cocktails but styling out the place where you corral and assemble your favorite cocktail ingredients – the bar cart!


Today, I’m going to highlight 6 elements you can add to your bar cart to give it a dose of happy style! Let’s dive in:

Pretty Bottles

This kinda goes without saying that you need booze for your bar cart, but I like to include some pretty bottles to put on display. I am after all a graphic designer, so I very much appreciate good design in all forms, especially packaging. We are big gin/tonic and vodka/soda people so we have a fair amount of those types of liquors on hand but my husband also enjoys a whisky or bourbon nightcap from time to time. I recently got a beautiful bottle of bourbon from Oak & Eden and I just love anything from Far North Spirits. Other bottles that I love (and available at your local ABC stores) are Reyka Vodka and Hendrick’s Gin.


A Tray

This helps to organize and corral all your bottles together. Stick a tray under any grouping of items in your home and it immediately feels more styled and put together. Simple and easy! I recently found this really heavy circular one from Target and I love the contrast of the round shape and light texture against the dark rectangular cart.

Something Living

With no exceptions – every vignette should include something living. Or in my case, something faux that can pass for the real thing. Try using a bunch of flowers, a plant and/or even a small bowl of limes or lemons to add life, color and movement to your bar cart. This tip works in any vignette in your home!


Glassware / Copper Mugs

This is kinda another given on any bar cart to add style and symmetry and I love incorporating a couple of copper mugs into the mix for color and texture. I’m not terribly fancy and find the most beauty from simple shapes. I got these tall tumblers from Target (they were $2.50 each!) and paired them with my copper mugs. If you dig the look of copper, I recently found these and think they would be amazing on display!


Decorative Object / Vessel

This will add a bit of personality and interest to your vignette. I go back and forth on putting something decorative vs functional in my bar cart and I lean towards the latter. I recently got that Terrazzo bowl from Port of Raleigh and I love the texture it adds.


Last but not least, adding art will give your bar cart a bit of personality and add visual interest. Personally, I like to hang the art around my bar cart, but leaning a smaller framed piece on one of the shelves would also work very nicely and add some height. I love my Schoolhouse Electric print and really any of their art would be lovely on or around a bar cart. I say choose art that you love and makes you happy!

No go forth and get your booze styling on! And when you are done, sit back and relax with a refreshing cocktail and enjoy the view!

If you are into any of the items on my bar cart, here is a handy little graphic to reference with links below:


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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