The Easiest (& Most Beautiful) Moodboard Maker You've Ever Seen.

This is a paid advertorial with Corian® Design.


Have you ever thought about the story behind a well-styled space? I'm talking about the reasons behind the choices. Why one might choose a certain texture, material or color? These are just hypothetical questions, but after I used the new Moodboard Maker from Corian® Design, I started to re-think the roots of one of my own spaces. 


Our breakfast nook is one of the most used spaces in our home. We eat all our meals there, have morning coffee, occasionally work and my kids love to spread their crafts and legos out on the table and go to town. It's the definition of a multi-functional, family space. I wanted to think beyond the functionality of it (even though that is very important) and get to the concept and vision behind what inspired my design choices. 

This is where the Moodboard Maker comes in. It's a handy little tool that helps you decide a style direction and gives you a myriad of inspirational images to choose from to create your own unique mosaic shape that doubles as an inspiration board. To start, they have 7 different styles ranging from modern, refined, minimal and organic to name a few. You select the style that represents you most and go from there to create your own design. In addition to their selection of imagery, you can also be as creative as you want and upload your own content. I had a tough time choosing one style because there were multiple choices that appealed to me. But in the end, I chose the relaxed style as I'm drawn to a casual, lived-in feel. I have young kids, a husband that loves to cook and a rambunctious dog so there is nothing fussy or fancy about our home. Simple is best in my book. I combined some of their pre-loaded imagery, including some the gorgeous Corian swatches as well as textures from my own space and imagery that inspires me to create my design. I featured Corian® Solid Surface in Limestone Prima in my moodboard because of the light, bright colors, and delicate swirls.


I've always been drawn to nature for inspiration when it comes to home styling. There is something so beautiful about an organic element like wood or seagrass inside a home. They add a casual and relaxed feel that softens up a space and makes it feel comfortable and happy. And one of my favorite places to take inspiration from is the beach. I got married there and my husband and I dream of owning our very own beach property one day. It made sense that my mood board would have that laid-back, beachy vibe. Nothing too kitschy like seashells everywhere or a Margaritaville explosion (although I do love a margarita!) but simple, breezy with a nod to coastal style. 


I had so much fun playing around with this awesome tool and I loved how my unique mosaic turned out. It was very easy to use and really opened up the way I thought about decorating my home, taking me back to the roots of why I made the decisions I made in the first place. My unique inspiration board serves a collection of shapes, textures, patterns and materials that tell my space's story, not to mention the end result is a really cool piece of art that I plan to frame and hang in the space. Such a fun and personal story to tell! 


Go get creative and try it yourself and share with #CorianMoodboardMaker

Our Outdoor Living Space

Hello and happy Friday! Today, I'm sharing a few glimpses of our deck and our (slightly over grown) backyard space. If I'm being totally honest, this space has probably gotten the least attention and dare I say is slightly neglected. I showed my husband these photos and he was like eek! I should have trimmed those trees! All I can say is real life, people! I'm trying to make the best of what we have! My kids love being out here and its very nice in the evening when the sun is setting. There are a few new pieces (the chairs and the rug) but mostly I have made do with what I already have. We have a TON of trees back there, so this area sees quite a bit of debris and outdoor wear and tear.  I can't really justify spending a lot on improving it until we cut down some of the trees and get the backyard properly landscaped. Its going to happen...someday!


What do you think of my outdoor sofa hack? LOL. I realized last year that we probably needed to get a bigger outdoor sofa, but given the reasons I mentioned above I decided to try and make do. I pushed the loveseat and the two chairs together to create a larger seating area that fits the space. Dare I say it looks kinda like an airport lounge, but I'm going with it this year! Hell, it works and sometimes that is good enough! That set is from Target, but they no longer make it!


I did temporarily move our indoor coffee table out here and I think it works pretty well and would probably work as an outdoor one. I like having different pieces that don't all match so it feels more eclectic and collected. And our hydrangeas are in full bloom so I had to pick a couple for the table. Its been very lovely weather this past week with minimal humidity, so I have been enjoying a cup of coffee out here in the mornings. Also, less bugs in the morning so that is a plus! 


Those white chairs are just the best! I think World Market might be my favorite for outdoor decor lately! The pillow is from West Elm (but again, last year). And that Target rug is so good and so dang affordable! If only I could keep it out here all the time, but those trees would dirty it up in a heartbeat so we move it out here when we entertain or just want to enjoy the space a bit more. Its not that big of a deal to move and store it when needed.


Here is another angle looking out to our (very old) playhouse that my kids still love. Its a small space but great for entertaining and grilling (our grill is on the opposite site). What do you guys think? Someday, I'd love to get a new deck put in, add a garden, a shed and do some landscaping but until then I'm happy with it. You can check out some of the sources below.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Friday Favorites: Random Edition

Hello and happy Friday, friends! Hope your week has been a good one and you are doing exactly what you want to do this weekend! I'm going to be attending some birthday parties and spending some time at the pool with the kiddos and husband. We are also hoping to have some friends over for a little cook out. Fingers crossed I can get the deck looking decent!

Today I'm sharing some things I've been enjoying lately and its kinda random, but hopefully one person out there gets something out of it! ha!


I recently started using some of Tula's Probiotic skin care products and I'm just loving them! I have pretty oily skin (and I still get break outs after all of these years...grrr) so their Exfoliating Clay mask has been on regular rotation as it sucks up some of that oil and leaves my skin feeling very fresh and even. I also love their cleanser and moisturizer! And how long does a girl need to keep getting zits before she can get a break already!

Also, you can get 20% off at using the code SUNNYCIRCLE



Who doesn't love homemade waffles?! Well, my kids are obsessed! And this adorable little waffle maker is super simple to use! It comes with a little recipe book that takes about 5-10 mins to whip up and then it cooks the waffles in about 2 minutes. Oh and they are quite delicious and a perfect size! They ask for them every morning! 



I just got these lovely little slide-on sandals from Zappos and they are soo comfy! I'm a big fan of designlovefest and they are part of their collaboration with Keds! Love them!



I just got this book and started it and its already hooked me immediately! I loved The Girl on the Train (same author) so I'm excited about this one! Plus, I'm trying to read before bed and make that a habit! 

And thats is for today! Hope you all have a marvelous weekend! See you back here next week.

Summer on the Deck: The Plan

Hello and happy weekend! Its the official start to summer this weekend, so I thought I would share the design plans for our little deck. We aren't doing too much...just mainly some styling updates and tweaks.


You can see above what it looked like last year and I'm keeping some of the same pieces (the love seat, the umbrella base, the cafe lights). As I look back, I feel like that version definitely needs some more warmth and variation (as it looks so matchy-matchy to me), so I'm adding some new chairs and swapping out the storage ottoman for a tan wicker one I already have. And a slightly bigger rug! Also, the umbrella didn't survive the winter, so I've ordered a fun black and white one (I accidentally kept it open during a winter storm and it snapped!)

One day, we will re-do the entire space (new deck with a pergola, landscaping, the works!) but that isn't in the budget this year. Until then, we can still enjoy a fun space before its get too hot and buggy! Its supposed to rain all weekend, so fingers crossed we can at least get it cleaned and power-sprayed and hopefully set up to enjoy some s'mores out there. I'll share the designed space very soon (weather-permitting)!

Also, both Target and World Market are having 30% sales on their outdoor items and most of the pieces that I have are from there! 

Hope everything has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  

Deck Sources:

Umbrella | Umbrella Base | Cafe Lights | Rug | Ottoman | Chairs | Love Seat | Candle | Geo Pillow | Black and White Striped Pillow | Firepit

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My Shopping and Styling Adventures with Home Centric


Hello and happy Tuesday! Over the past couple of weeks, I've had the pleasure of shopping and styling with the help of Home Centric and I wanted to recap my entire experience here! 

 Home Centric is a new home decor store in Cary, NC, with a focus on style within reach. They have a ton of inventory in a variety of styles and price points. My own personal style leans pretty classic modern, but with touches of traditional and a heavy dose of Mid-Century.


I was able to find lots of items to blend seamlessly in with the rest of the decor in my home. I loved that modern tufted chair and the fun grey throw with the chunky tassels. Its comfy and there is plenty of room for snuggles and Netflix binging. 


I fell in love with their tulips and pretty much used them everywhere I could in my home. They were so well priced and so realistic! Can't say enough good things. They had them in a myriad of colors, but ultimately, I chose white for a classic feel!


Also, that leather bench! I knew instantly when I saw it that it would be perfect in my home. It’s real leather and has beautiful tufting on it! You can see me above swooning over it in the store!


I even found something for my son's room. I simply placed two of these storage ottomans (more tufting!) together and styled around them with items I already had. I love how they add a bit of sophistication and texture to the space! Plus storage, of course!


They had a ton of accessories and smaller items in addition to furniture. I found these pretty, striped bath towels that look great in my bathroom!


The whole process has been so much fun. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and I couldn't be happier with the pieces that I got. If you are local, go check ‘em out and don't leave without a bundle of tulips! 

Sound off in the comments with thoughts or questions. Happy shopping!

Friday Favorites: Sconce Edition

Hello and happy Friday! I've had sconces on the brain lately! I've been sourcing them for a couple of clients with one of them being me! You see I had always wanted to install sconces above our mantle, but was too cheap and lazy to hire an electrician. Eventually I would get to it, but before I could call an electrician I stumbled upon Nesting With Grace's light hack and sconces installed with no electricity needed! This post is not about the light hack (because you can go and read all about it here) but just to share my new installed beauties from School House Electric!

And seeing that its Friday, I thought I would round up some of my fav sconces below. Enjoy!


Sconce Roundup:

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!

Zora's big girl room design board


I've been quietly planning and designing my daughter Zora's big girl bedroom for a while now. I just didn't have everything I needed to pull the trigger (and I still don't have it all, but I'm close). She loves princesses and pink so I'm totally embracing all things sweet and feminine for her room.

My goal is to get her excited about being in the room, playing in there and most importantly going to sleep at night! I think she is going to be SO pumped about that canopy draped over her bed. Kinda like a princess's castle! I will share the full reveal in a week or two, but see below for a little sneak peak and all the sources from the design board are down there too!


Room Sources:

Wall and Trim Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace  |  Wall Mural  |  Pendant  |  Rattan mirror (similar)  |  Task lamp  |  Rug  |  Bed  |  Rocking chair  |  Bedding  |  Canopy  |  Doll  |  Round pillow  |  Curtains 

Friday Favorites (on a Saturday)


I love a good roundup, so I thought I would take the opportunity to curate some of my favorite things from the week and share them here! I had intended (and will, going forward) to post this on Friday but life happened and I didn't get to it. Check back here on Fridays going forward for things that I've purchased for myself or for clients, things on my wish list, inspirational pieces, book suggestions, recipes, music or just people/places/things that I love and am inspired by! 

Now, on to my favorites from this Friday!

1. RETRO STYLE TOASTER I recently got one of these awesome retro toasters from Russell Hobbs. I love the contrast of black in my white kitchen and I'm a sucker for anything reminiscent of the 1950's!

2. SCANDINAVIAN SUNBURST WALLPAPER This beautiful paper from Chasing Paper is amazing! I am currently installing this in my entryway and can't wait to share the full space once its complete. 

3. TERRA COTTA FUNNEL PLANTER The women over at Holistic Habitat know how to curate some amazing pieces! This came in the mail this week and I am so excited to find the perfect plant for this baby! This is just one of many beautiful things in their shop!

4. NAVY DRESS I don't shop for clothing as much as I used and even though I'm a bit older these days, I still go to Modcloth for the occasional dose of retro style in my wardrobe! (I have a collection of about 25 vintage dresses) I have this dress and I can say its so flattering and so incredibly comfortable!

5. BIG SUR PRINT I can't say enough good things about Jenny's Print Shop. They are always adding new pieces and have an amazing collection of very affordable and downloadable art. This one was recently added and I love it!

6. THE MINIMALIST KITCHEN COOKBOOK I have been a fan of Melissa from The Faux Martha for a while now! Her new cookbook is full of gorgeous images, simple, delicious recipes and beautiful design! I also love her step by step approach with each recipe. Can't recommend this book enough!

Thats it for now! Check back every Friday for more favorites! And happy weekend!

A rug roundup and blogging update!

Happy Monday! I've been doing lots of 'rug research' lately for several projects that I'm working on so I thought I would share some of my favs here on the blog!

But first, a quick update! I'm really trying to update this blog naturally with all the things I'm working on and creating in my day to day - but I'm still new at this, so its an adjustment for me. I know I'm waayy late to the blogging game, but I'm giving it a go so please keep checking back as I make improvements and additions along the way! My goal now is blog once a week, so fingers crossed I can achieve that! And thank you for reading!

Now, on to rugs! I feel like I've been spending hours upon hours looking at beautiful rugs online. Mostly, they are for clients, but one or two inevitably ends up in my cart or home wish list. What can I say...rugs are kinda my jam! 

I will say from looking at all my pins that I am completely on #teamblue (for pretty much everything) and #teamblack&white. Also, I can't get enough of geometric patterns and the beauty of a vintage or vintage-inspired Persian in just that right shade of blue and rust!


In my family room, I use this black and white rug from West Elm to balance the neutral colors and natural textures of my camel-colored leather sofa and that mid-century modern chair. Throw in a few pastel pillows to soften the room and you've got a cozy space that is both visually stimulating and welcoming. Sadly, this rug is no longer available. However, below you'll find some beautiful pieces that will surely get you thinking about how to incorporate geometry into your everyday living. 

That Serena & Lily rug is one of my favorites. And I think it would do well to hide some of life's messiness with its heavy texture and dark hues.

Pretty much everything McGee & Co. does is spot on! That rug is perfection!

I love the warmth and homeyness that a traditional hand-knotted wool rug adds! That rust colored rug from Chris Love's Julia's office is so lovely as is this one with all those amazing colors!

Shop the look

I've rounded up some of my favorites here for you guys to shop if you are in the market! There is a good mix of high/low prices in styles I love. 

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At home (and very comfortable) in J.Jill!

I spend most days at home and if I’m being honest – my work-from-home, mom wardrobe mainly consists of yoga pants, baggy t-shirts and moccasins. I wouldn’t say my style is necessarily ‘styling’ these days. I’m #teamcomfort and when I got to try on some of J.Jill’s new spring clothing from the April collection, I happily discovered that comfort can be chic at the same time. I will live in these J.Jill Denim Leggings as I can seamlessly take them from lounging to dinner.


I found everything in the J.Jill April collection to be very stylish and comfortable,
which is what I live for. This cardigan is so figure-flattering, comfy and very light weight. I had to have have it in 2 two colors! Perfect for a sunny 60-degree day at the park – or feeding my pup treats at home while looking very chic!

And can we all just give a giant round of applause for gingham? This dress is giving me youthful hipster in color and pattern, but in an adult shape and that flattering cinch at the waist is all I need!


This J.Jill Linen Tie-Waist Dress is my absolute favorite from their the April collection. Here: I’m pretty happy fueled by coffee and design!


These (extremely) comfortable white stretchy jeans are perfect for relaxing in the morning sun! That dog is always looking for a handout even if all I’ve got is a cup of coffee!

Sneakers with a dress? Yes, please! This collection is so fun, stylish and easy-going and have I mentioned the comfort level? I’m loving how it feels right at home (in my home) in my office, in front of my dot wall or enjoying a moment in the kitchen. The perfect intersection of style and comfort. Happy days!

Thanks to J.Jill for sponsoring this post!

Welcome to my refreshed monochromatic guest room (on a budget)

Happy Friday, friends! Today, I wanted to share a room I recently refreshed very quickly with some paint, a few (very inexpensive!) purchased items and shopping my house for the rest. Don't get me wrong - as I designer I have the urge to constantly be re-doing and updating and I'd love to always get new things, but my pocketbook won't allow it. I need to save for things like college tuition these days! This room is far from my perfect space, but using what I already had and updating it a bit with a few new purchases is making it a feel little bit more modern, welcoming and guest-ready (it is our guest room after all!)  


Let's start with a quick before. We have lived in this house for 4 years and I had done nothing to this space. I actually like that happy color, but I just wanted to switch it up a bit and make it a tiny bit more grown-up and sophisticated.


The bed was actually my husband's as a bachelor! I took the round pieces off of the headboard (one was broken so I kinda had to) and added a picture ledge for some art and color.  And those nightstands are inexpensive Ikea pieces I have had forever. Do I want some new ones? Yes! But, priorities :) Oh and the color is SW Silverpointe in a matte finish. Its a light grey with more cool tones. 

The bedding is all Target with the exception of that amazing throw from West Elm. I love the texture it adds. The lumbar is a beauty from my friend Monika of ZigZag Studio Design and the throw pillow is an oldie but goodie from Anthroplogie. The art is a mix of Kelly Ventura, Jenny's Print Shop, Inaluxe and Home Goods. 


The one thing I purchased that I feel really adds a finishing touch to this room are those window panels from West Elm. They are actually black out curtains! I love the texture and that pleated look from the drapery clips. Truth be told I need to hem them, but the room is pretty small so from these pictures, you can't really tell!

I had the Target mirror (doesn't everyone?...its a good affordable one!) and the vintage dresser, but I did my little easy trick of adding modern hardware, polishing it up with a bit of Old English and she is as good as new! The table lamp is from World Market. You can mix and match the bases to the shades and get a more custom look. I think I spent $100 total on it!


The only other piece I purchased for this room was that amazing chair from Target. For the price (I got it for under $200!) it is really, really good. Very well made and pretty easy to assemble. Its low profile, simple and actually comfy! I don't think I talked about the rug yet - but its vintage and came from my parents house. I like how the reds and pinks play off they grays in the room, giving me enough color for it to feel happy and homey!


So there you have it folks! I think I spent between $400-$500 total for the room. Not bad and I'm loving having a new(ish) space that feels complete (for 

Let me know your thoughts and thank you for reading!

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A Nugget Giveaway!

Giveaway now closed.

You know those rad kid couches that have taken the interweb and social media by storm? Yep, I'm taking about a Nugget! My kids love em! America is loving em! And I'm teaming up with them today to offer you guys an awesome giveaway!

But first, a little bit about the Nugget and why our family loves it and how we use it! The Nugget is basically a portable couch that is comfy, cool and fun! It comes in a rainbow of awesome, modern colors (and the covers are removable too so you can switch it up..more on that later..). Its for kids of all ages and can be used to play, read or just relax. My kids love to build things with it and jump to their hearts desire. When the kids aren't using it, I can style it to be more grown up and blend with the rest of the decor in my home. So, win win for the whole family!


You can catch my son Wyatt building a train track or snuggling our pup Buster (who also lounges on the Nugget during the day to people watch).


Its basically a universally awesome product and fun for hours for my kids! If it were up to my kids, they would have a Nugget in every room!

Which brings me to the giveaway! Nugget is a Durham-based company and I've had the pleasure of getting to know the team and testing out multiple colors in my home. On March 6th, they are launching all the colors available in removable covers. Which means you can interchange the colors seamlessly (and its super easy to remove and wash because I have a 2 year old)!
They are offering my readers a $100 shop credit towards a new Nugget or a cover in the color of their choice!


Their new modern colors are soo good. The Cactus, Koala and Submarine are some of my favorites and will all be available in the covers too. I also loved testing out the Cantaloupe against more neutral or muted background colors. Its so fun and happy!

The rules for the giveaway are simple:
Tell us your favorite color in the comments and that's it!
We will announce the winner on Sunday, March 4th at 8pm. U.S. residents only.

All the colors will re-stock on March 6th, so head on over and check em out! And thank you so much for reading and following along!
Now, comment away!

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My calm & neutral bedroom

Hello and welcome to my neutral sleeping oasis! One of the most neglected spaces in my home has been my bedroom. I have lived in this house for almost 4 years and have basically done nothing to the space (design-wise) apart from a few accessories here and there and adding a king size bed when we had our second kid. I've spent the better part of this week cleaning and styling this space and I'm pretty happy with it. Its not perfect (what space is?) but I think its achieving the neutral and calm goal that I was going for.


When we were renovating our master bathroom, I decided to bite the bullet and paint the master bedroom the same color (white). The color is BM Chantilly Lace and its a really awesome color. Its crisp and clean, but also leans a tad warm too. I love how big and open the space feels (and to be fair, it is a pretty bit room). I'm in on white and this is my first foray into painting a room strictly white. I have long admired it in other's homes and I can officially say I'm loving it in mine as well!


I just got that scandi-style clock from a local shop in Durham and I love it in that spot. Not sure we will actually use it to tell time (hello, phones) but I'm gonna give it a go! And I found it on sale at Rejuvenation today, in case you were into it :)


And can we talk about this amazing bedding from California Cotton?! Its so incredibly soft and stylish! Not the most practical if seeing dog hair on your beautiful white bedding bothers you, but I still just love it so dang much.


The room is rather big and open and connects to our master bath. I love this view! The old Erin would have needed more color and pattern, but the older and more mature me digs the white and creams. Color from that amazing Juniper Briggs piece and my fiddle are giving this space life!


I love mixing the old with the new. I did a post about re-freshing this piece that once belonged to my grandmother with new pulls and a new mirror. I added a few other accessories around it to finish off the space.


This part of the space is honestly still evolving. I debated on even sharing this part of the room because its just not 100% yet. Its not bad and I enjoy some of the elements like my new rad and modern diffuser from Pilgrim and that hat rack. I really want to get one of those Samsung Frame TVs but for now this will be fine. And I know having this big ol' black box in my zen and calming space is kinda confusing, but I love watching my fav shows in here after the kids go to bed. So, its worth it to me for now.


I guess I have a thing for brass, family photos and fake plants as side table props!


So there you have it. I'm pretty happy with it, but I can see adding some more color (or maybe texture) to the walls at some point. Maybe a fun and muted wall paper or some ship lap? One day..... Let me know your thoughts if you got em! And thank you for reading!

Sources: upholstered bed / rug / bedding / wardrobe (similar) / wall lamps / rattan wall mirror (similar) / drapery rods / nightstands (similar) / curtains / candle / planter / Juniper Briggs 'In The Moment' print / Zoe diffuser / round brass frame / white table lamps / round mirror with strap /

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The art in my home (and my fav artists and sources)

One of my favorite parts of home decor is art. I actually went to school for graphic design and I occasionally dabble in painting and drawing, so I have a big appreciation for it. Having beautiful (and personal) pieces of art and photography in your home gives it character & personality and makes it feel..well 'homey'. My favorite type of work is probably abstracts and watercolors as I love their beautiful simplicity and modern feel. Don't get me wrong though - I love a good oil painting (especially a vintage one) just as much! And you can't go wrong with a punchy graphic print too! Basically, I love em all!

I also love adding some photography in as well. That beautiful coastal print by Lauren Marttila is called Peaks and its a new addition to my collection. Its so calm and serene and I love how it pairs next to the other pieces in the room.

That piece in the corner by Kelly Ventura is called Density. Kelly is one of my favorite artists and her work can be found all around my home!

Some of my favorite sources for beautiful (and affordable) art are Minted, Society6, Jenny's Print Shop, Artfullly Walls, and Etsy. I've also had good luck finding some great pieces from Home Goods and The Land of Nod has some wonderful stuff for kids (or the young at heart)!

I still love a good gallery wall!

I recently went very neutral in my bedroom (which I love!) but that pop of teal from this amazing In The Moment print by Juniper Briggs makes my heart sing!


1 Kelly Ventura / 2 Britt Bass Turner / 3 Clare Elsaesser / 4 Juniper Briggs / 5 Sharlene Kayne / 6 Yao Cheng

What do you guys think? Who is your favorite artist? And where do you shop for art?

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Refreshing my grandmother's vintage dresser


I recently inherited a really cool piece of vintage furniture from my grandmother. As a kid, I had always admired it and loved going through all the drawers because she kept all her beauty supplies and fun treasures there. When she passed last spring, I knew I wanted to find a place for it in my home and we recently moved it into our bedroom. I'm not sure how old it is (maybe the 1920's?), but it has that imperfect charm about it. I loved it, but wanted to give it a little re-fresh and make it fit a bit better with the rest of my aesthetic (vintage + modern) plus clean her up a little bit.

Here she is when we moved it upstairs. I say 1920's because that mirror has that feel to me, but I could be wrong. Anyone have a clue? The mirror was pretty badly cracked, but still usable. I wanted to update it a little bit, but still keep the vintage charm.


I loved that marble top and it was in decent shape so I didn't have to do much apart from a little wipe down and some light elbow grease. I kinda love all the stains and marks from all those years. This baby has been loved! The main thing I did was replace the mirror with this lovely round modern one from West Elm and added a fun wooden hook to hold it in place.


I also replaced the older pulls my go-to CB2 brass pulls. Those guys are so great and soo affordable! A little Old English, some light styling with my favorite candle, accessories and voilà!


It's not a major transformation, but just a baby re-fresh. Short, sweet with just enough impact! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments :)

If you are interested in the sources, here ya go:
round mirror / table lamps (similar) / vase / candle / bracelet / brass pulls / curtains / rug / wooden hook

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My master bathroom reveal!


Hello and welcome! I've been meaning to create a blog for...well...a while and after a big ol' career shift that was unexpected, I had some time to really focus and dig in! So for my first official post, I thought I would go big or go home as they say. This master bathroom renovation has been a labor of love, saving and lots of waiting and can I just say the end result makes me soo incredibly happy! I am so in love with how it turned out! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been talking about it for months and (hooray!)...its finally done. So, lets get right to it!

I know the blogging and social media world loves a good before + after, so here is how she looked before we started. Now, just to give you some background info on the house - its a late 80's/early 90's home and this bathroom was a true testament to that description. I really kinda hated it when we moved in, but we lived with it for almost 4 years and it was fine. Lots of beige, fancy flourishes and brown granite. We did make some minor improvements including a bit of grey paint, new mirrors and some Ikea light fixtures and that helped a little bit. And I realize my before photos aren't the best, but hopefully you can get a sense of what I'm describing. Kinda sad, but functional. I should have turned out those lights!


I wanted everything to feel bright and modern, but also classic. Going way too modern would have felt off in this house, so 'classic/modern' felt right. We didn't change the footprint, but ripped every last thing out. Talk about a cloud of dust and dirt! (I'm still finding dust in random places). And can we talk about the view from the tub (and the tub!)? I love how everything feels bright and cool, but also warm and organic from all those hints of walnut and wood in the room.


I had a hard time choosing tile at first. I loved all those beautiful cement tile options out there, but I was worried I would change my mind in a few years and lets face it- renovations aren't cheap especially if you aren't a diy wiz (and uhem..I'm not) so I went with very simple and classic choices.


This is my dream shower! My contractor (who is amazing, by the way) did the most incredible job on the straight herringbone pattern tile (and everything else for that matter). The subway tile plus the brass fixtures just makes my heart sing! And speaking of my contractor, I need to give him a big ol' shout-out because they did such an amazing job with my bathroom. If you live in the Raleigh/Durham NC area, I would highly recommend hiring Hirst Construction for any remodeling needs. 


The pine shiplap behind the vanity was kinda of a last minute decision and I'm so glad we went with it! I was worried it would feel kinda disjointed and wouldn't flow next to the tile, but in the end it all works together. White on white texture! Yes, please.


Let's talk about the vanity. Such a fantastic (and well-made) piece! I got it from Wayfair and I couldn't be more happy with it (plus no assembly!) We changed out the pulls and hardware for some beautiful brass geometric ones from CB2. My only complaint would have to be the length of the pulls (and drilled holes) that came with the vanity (6.5', which is kind of an odd size). My contractor came up with a great idea of adding some brass washers that made up the difference in size and looked seamless.


So there you have it! The space makes me happy every time I use it (even in the middle of the night when I stumbling to find the light for the Now, I just want to renovate every other space in my home!

I did learn quite a bit from the whole process as a designer and a client. It takes a while, so have patience and understanding. Good, quality work takes time and there are things like inspections and plumbing hick-ups that happen. It's messy! Be ready to live in a construction zone and use your kids bathroom for 3 1/2 months! Things won't always go as planned so be ready to adjust. And get a good and reliable contractor! So much this! Ean and his team were amazing to work with and delivered everything they said they would. Plus, they were just incredibly kind, attentive and their work was spot on.

So, what do you guys think?