ROOM TOUR: A bold & quirky bedroom


Hello and happy weekend! Whew! What a week! I’m fairly new to the blogging world and Holiday season is no joke, ya’ll! I = busy (the busiest I’ve ever been)!

Anyways, I’m happy to share another fun room reveal today – our guest bedroom! You might remember I gave this room a quick and dirty face-lift earlier in the year, but the room felt a little soul-less to me and needed some personality (or lots of personalities!). As my styling/designing skills have evolved and changed over the years, I’ve come to realize that (for me) every room needs something vintage and a bit of color/texture.


Let’s start things off with that incredibly fun wallpaper from Chasing Paper. I’m a huge fan of their products - the papers are so well made and the designs are equally amazing. And this is not sponsored! This particular style is called Vintage Art and its from their capsule collection with Graduate Hotels. I love the playfulness and the way it really does make this room feel like a boutique hotel, which I am here for!


ART FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 70’s short haired lady / gentleman with a pipe / balding man / 70’s blue dress lady / lady with round glasses / lady in an orange dress / lady with red earrings

My husband thought it was strange that I was hanging pictures of faces on top of other faces, but I told him to just wait and go with it…and…I kinda love it! The art is part vintage (from this and this shop) and part vintage-inspired. All of the new pieces are by artist Janet Hill, who has this very thoughtful and nostalgic style that I adore! She has several pieces for sale on Artfully Walls.


I also got a new upholstered platform bed from Poly & Bark. I love the modern, low-profile style and the tufting adds a touch of sophistication. We did end up selling all the old things we replaced, including the bed frame, lamps and nightstands so that made this update feel a bit more intentional.


Also, let’s talk about the nightstands and the table lamps! The nightstand is a really good one from my old pal, Target. No assembly required and it seems pretty darn well-made for the price! I was also super impressed with the cuteness of those table lamps from Anthro! I love the subtle and unexpected pattern and texture on them.


Moving on to the other side of the room is my little reading/scrolling Instagram corner! (ha). I have been eyeing/stalking that Rattan chair from Serena & Lily for years and I finally pounced when they had their Black Friday sale this year. I looooove it and it looks great in all rooms! I may get another one for my own bedroom!

And that little zig-zag accent table from Target is awesome! I have used it in several places as well and it works with so many decor styles!


I swapped out the light for this simple + modern beauty from School House (which I already had) and kept surfaces pretty simple with books and that amazing candle from Otherland. I’m obsessed with their branding and packaging too and the candle has the freshest scent!


Here’s a more pulled back view from the door. It feels eclectic but still modern and simple at the same time. That’s the goal, anyways!

What do you guys think? I’d love to know your thoughts!

I’ve rounded up most of the sources below!


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