5 tips to easily organize your spice cabinet

Just like the rest of the world, I’ve caught the ‘tidying’ and organizing bug this year! To call it a ‘bug’ makes it sound bad, but on the contrary - its a very, very good thing (for me, my sanity and the happiness of my family unit). ha! Having a clean, organized and visually appealing space is so refreshing! You can breath, focus and actually stay on task and speaking from someone who works from home - it really does work!

I’m on an organizing and de-cluttering journey this year, but my strategy is to start small and tackle projects around my home bit by bit as I have a tendency to get overwhelmed easily! First up - the kitchen! The place that gets the most traffic and mess in all the land! But i’m breaking things down drawer by drawer and cabinet by cabinet instead of the whole she-bang. Today, we are tackling the spice cabinet!

Let’s check out the sad, cluttered and dirty before:

In all honesty, I don’t love sharing this angle of my kitchen for more reasons that the embarrassing (and real) state of my disorganized cabinets. The yucky microwave is big and old and too close to the (old and gross) stove, but we have lived with it for years and will live with it for a couple more months (lots of fun kitchen changes happening soon!)


To a nerd like me, this sparks massive amounts of joy! And it was super easy and fairly quick! In the spirit of sharing style + joy, I’ve come up with 5 tips to easily spruce up your spice cabinet on a sunny Sunday afternoon:


This is actually just common sense, but you have to start somewhere! I took all the things out of the cabinet, vacuumed the shelves and wiped everything down. Then I took inventory of what we actually used, consolidated and tossed the rest. We had duplicates of several things like salt and baking powder and lots of outdated items stuck in the back.


I realize it may seem silly to dump your perfectly good bottle of McCormicks cumin into a plain glass container, but it really does help to simply and de-clutter! I found this very affordable set (I bought 2) on Amazon and I am super happy with the quality and style!



ha! But seriously, in addition to my Dyson this lil’ label maker is my new favorite thing! I love the timeless simplicity of the black and white letters and the labels are super durable and stick to the glass nicely!


I found these really great bamboo expanding spice shelves at The Container Store (that place is like crack to me) and I love how they make use of both the vertical and horizontal cabinet space. I organized by how often I used the spice (the ones on the front row are the most used) and grouped by size and section (for example: I needed a bigger container for baking soda and so on).


I did think to try and remove all of the brand labels off of the bottles of vinegar and hot sauce and replace with my labeling system, but that just seemed way too time consuming and tedious! Instead I found these really cute stackable storage bins and put all the left over bottles of various sauces, vinegars and so on into those and stacked them on the top shelf. I can easily access them with my step stool as needed and they are all neatly organized together!

I can’t tell you how much happiness this brings me as well as the drive to keep going in other areas of my home! I can relax and thrive in a tidy home and my goal is to not only organize but maintain!

Check back next month as I tackle another small area in my home with more simple organizational tips and tricks! I’ve also rounded up the sources for this little project below:

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NEW PROJECT ALERT: Wyatt's classically cool big kid room (the plan)

Hello friends! I swear I’m going to get back into 2 blog posts a week, but I can’t seem to get my s**t together these days for even one! ha! In all honesty, I really do love what I do but I have trouble saying no (but I’m working on that as well as being more organized!) so my plate gets full very quickly!

Anyways, I’m here today talking about the plans for my soon-to-be seven year old’s big kid bedroom. I’m very excited about this one (and so is he)! After finishing Zora’s room last year, he was very (very) eager for his turn and I can’t wait to finally make that happen in the next month or so.

Before I talk about the general direction and inspiration, I wanted to share what his room currently looks like now. Its not terrible, but it feels a bit too youthful for him at this stage so my goal is to create a fresh and more mature space for him to grow into.


Clearly I’m loving the starry night theme! (I moved that picture around so many times). Also, this room feels like an older version of my style, so I’m excited to try a more grown-up direction (while still keeping it fun and happy - of course)!

I’ve also been scouring the pages of Pinterest for inspiration over the last few months. Here are a couple of dreamy options that stood out:

Since Wyatt is almost 7 and has a clear sense of what he likes, I wanted to make sure to get his feedback and suggestions for the style direction. I’m not huge on themes in general, but he wanted his room to be a giant solar system so I’m putting my spin on that idea! He also loves Star Wars, dinosaurs, legos (still haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate that but I’m working on it) and requested a bigger bed.

I think the thing he is most excited about is getting his own desk (or his own “office” as he called it). The room is getting a fresh coat of white paint (still undecided on the actual color), linen roman shades (these are a really great ready-made option) and that very cool constellation map wall paper to name a few.

I can’t wait to see this all come together! I’ve included all the sources on the graphic below in case you are curious! Stay tuned for the full reveal in the next couple of weeks to a month!

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This post does contain some affiliate links meaning if you purchase something you've clicked on,  I will get a small commission. I only promote the products I truly love!

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Buster's adoption story and a special initiative with Stella + Chewy's


It’s no secret we are big fans our pup, Buster (in real life and online)! He is the sweetest (and equally devilish) most loving dog you ever did meet (unless you are the UPS driver or mail carrier). ha. He is as loyal as they come and very (very) affectionate to those he loves, especially to my son Wyatt.

We adopted Buster about a year and half ago after loosing our first pup, Mollie B (who was also equally loved and adopted too). We decided to adopt again because we knew there were so many pups out there who needed homes and plus he was too cute to pass up! He was 1 when we got him and still had many puppy tendencies (like pooping in the house and chewing on EVERYTHING). I’m happy to say that he has grown up quite a bit over the last year and has settled in nicely to family life in Raleigh.


I was so happy to discover Stella & Chewy’s and work together with them to regulate Buster’s diet and get him feeling (and looking) healthy and happy! We have been feeding him their raw coated kibble for about 6 months now and he loves it! I see improvements in his bathroom habits as well as his behavior and his coat is always extra shiny! He is basically living his best life and loving every moment and that brings me joy to know he is loved and cared for by his family.


In addition to the Buster-approved food offerings and amazing ingredients, I also love what Stella + Chewy’s is all about: having a meaningful + positive impact on a dog’s life and also giving back to the rescue community.

Both Stella and Chewy were adopted as adult rescues by the founder Marie Moody so adult and senior pet adoption is very meaningful and important to them. Adults and seniors are less likely to be adopted and Stella + Chewy’s wanted to support senior and adult rescues while also driving awareness about the awesomeness of adult and senior pet adoption. As part of giving back, they’re donating a meal to senior rescues for every bag of Stella and Chewy's purchased as part of their Journey Home Fund initiative.


I’m so happy to have found and adopted my sweet Buster and we can’t imagine life without him!

To find out more about the Journey Home Fund and help support a senior pet in need, head here for all the details.

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ROOM TOUR: A cozy, collected and deliciously moody living room in the Pacific Northwest


Hello and welcome 2019! I took a little hiatus on the blog over the holidays, but now I’m ready to share lots of new and awesome content with you guys this year, starting with this lovely little sitting/living room in the Pacific Northwest!

This room and home belong to my little sister Jen, who as you can tell is very stylish in her own right! She is a busy mom of 4 but also manages to make time to write (she is currently a budding children’s book writer!)


Isn’t she cute! And those pups are her mini-schnauzers, Dagny and Ruby. They live right outside of Seattle in an adorable little house on a quiet street. Did I mention she has 4 kids? And they are all under the age of 7 so that lady is BUSY. She still manages to have a very lovely and well put together home that is so uniquely her own. There are plenty of toys and kid’s art but she also manages to combine many different styles + tons of vintage furnishings and decor for a very charming and collected feel.

In the midst of 6 young kids running around, cooking and family time over Thanksgiving last year, I managed to snap a few photos of her front sitting room. I love the moody colors and all those vintage pieces give the room so much character! Jen has always had a very unique (and beautiful) style, drawn to old things with a story. And she can just magically make everything go together! It’s all perfectly eclectic and I am here for it!

In addition to being an amazing mom and human, she is also a very talented writer and is going to be helping me out as a contributor on the blog this year! Very excited about this little partnership!


I’d love to curl up in this room with a good book and a cup of tea any day! Its the perfect mix of cozy and collected! Most of the pieces in this room are vintage, but I rounded up some similar items below:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14


4 simple, affordable and organic holiday styling tips


You can never go wrong with keeping things simple, especially when it comes to home decor. And I find that my favorite type of holiday decor falls into that category – soft, cozy and warm with organic elements like greenery, fruit and wood accents.

I spent a few hours over at my client’s home, styling her shelves and adding some simple and festive holiday pieces to her living room. I used found objects in her home as well as a few of my own things and several fun pieces from Home Centric.

Let’s dive in with a couple tips for decorating on the simple side with a nod to natural elements:

Wood Accents

I found those super cute wooden trees from HomeCentric and I love the simple shape and texture they add. This family has young children and these trees are the perfect dose of whimsical simplicity and compliment so many different styles.

Cozy texture

A soft throw or a couple of cozy pillows will add warmth and texture, which always feels very festive to me.

Twinkling lights

I want to put fairy lights everywhere! They are magical and add that amazing soft & delicate glow. I found several really awesome sets from Home Centric that worked perfectly on these darker shelves.



Whether its a bit of mistletoe or some fresh (or faux) garland, greenery is my favorite way to decorate for the holidays and you can’t beat the affordability factor!

And apart from the garland, you can keep a lot of these things up year round! I find that organic textures and greenery are so versatile and everyone needs a bit of warm & cozy in their home, right?

As if I couldn’t make this post any more simpler, here is a fun little graphic for reference!

Happy holidays!

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2018 gift guide: under $50

We are about half way through December and I don’t know about you guys, but I have not finished all of my holiday shopping! And also, wasn’t it just Halloween?? Luckily most places have expedited shipping these days..so whew!

One of my favorite types of gifts to give are small and thoughtful things to friends and family. By small, I mean under $50 but not lacking in style or substance! I’ve rounded up 15 really cool gifts for all different ages and genders, all under $50 (and I own or am gifting about half of these things).

Happiest of holidays to you!