A bright and joyful girl's room refresh


About a year ago, you may remember I transitioned my 4-year-old daughter’s nursery into a big girl room, complete with a new bed and new decor that was reflective of her personality (and maybe the kid in me as well). In general, she loved it and loved playing in there but sleeping was/is another issue. She hasn’t slept in her bed in a while. Like many months. You see… she loves sleeping with her momma, all sweet and snuggled up and how can I say no to that? I mean she is my baby and I’m a softie. Big time. And to be quite honest, I struggle with the whole situation because there is gonna be a day when she is older and more independent and will want to be in her own room. So I savor these sweet moments especially when she tells me…” I just wove you so much, mamma”….I mean….

You might be wondering why I’m trying another bed set up?? haha. me too. But to be fair, I don’t sleep all that well when she (and our dog) are piled on top of me and just forget about my husband. lol.

So when I got wind of the new Flower Kids line from Drew Barrymore and another opportunity to work with my friends at walmart.com, I jumped on it, especially after I saw the collection (which is just as adorable as you would imagine).


The star of this show and what drew me in (no pun intended..haha) was that cottage house bed. I mean, it just so simple, cute and can pretty much compliment any style of decor. I knew I wanted a bigger bed so I ended up with the full size and it’s perfect for my 4-year-old. The actual mattress sits directly on the floor so it’s super accessible and the ideal height for little ones.


Another change I made in this room was to swap out the rug. I found that vintage sun area rug and I knew it would be the perfect pop of color for her room. Technically part of Drew’s Flower Home line, it’s still very happy, whimsical and youthful and I love how the teal green plays nicely with the pinks and other warm tones. And I really thought it was rainbows instead of a repeating sun pattern! I can see both…


We are both really loving the new set up, especially now that she has a bigger bed. Who know..maybe she will sleep on it? Fingers crossed!

I rounded up a few of my favorite items from the collection below and it’s all from walmart.com! I love how they are offering adorable kid’s decor at competitive pricing, free shipping on orders of $35 or more, free returns and you can shop online and pick up in your local store. It’s all quite good and I’m especially loving this collection as designing for kid’s is the most fun!

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