A lush and modern summer patio space built for relaxing


umbrella / steel chairs / coffee table / rug / sofa / wood stump table / pillows / throw / copper planter / string lights / tray / stoneware planter

Turn on the twinkle lights, pour yourself a glass of Rosé and come take a little tour of my refreshed patio space! If you saw the post from last year, not that much has changed from a stylistic perspective. Still the same greys, blues and whites but I made subtle improvements in the form of more modern and durable furniture and more life in the form of plants (like a ton of plants!)

In all honesty, I’d love to start fresh back here one day. Rip down the 30+ year old deck that we painted grey a few years back. Cut down some trees (they are HUGE and produce a ton of mess and debris) and potentially build an entertainer’s dream outdoor space! I’m thinking some really cool tile, a built-in grilling and dining area, plenty of space to relax and of course a pool! That last part ain’t happening as my husband does not want a pool of any kind so maybe i’ll instead put in a stock tank pool and call it a day. haha. the dream continues…

My philosophy has always been to make the best of what you got (and can afford) so I’ll continue to dream about an amazing outdoor space and in the meantime, enjoy the space I currently have!

Let’s dive into the details!


The space isn’t all that big (about 13’ x 13’) so we’ve always just used it as a seating/grilling area. It’s nothing too fancy, but it suits us! I love love those powder coated steel chairs from Blu Dot that we added! They are super lightweight and comfy, perfectly modern and most importantly will withstand the outdoor elements! There are a ton of old trees in our backyard that love to sprinkle their leaves and sap all over everything! boo


Just a little cutie, her daddy and some grilling hot dogs…


Let’s talk outdoor rugs. Are you for ‘em? Against ‘em? Think they are pointless? haha. I’m really torn! I love the warmth and character they add, but it is a major pain in the arse to move them around constantly depending on weather patterns. But I love this one from All Modern, as its super lightweight and easy to clean and fold up. Plus differing shades of blue and textures mixed with stripes will always have my design heart!


Technically that gorgeous little bebe coffee table from Blu Dot is not ‘outdoor’ but I just loved the simple design so much and knew it would be perfect in the space! It’s petite and extremely well made with a real marble top. I’m here for anything marble, friends! It’s design magic. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to store it out here but it’s just so good that I’ll make a special case for it outside. The bottom is powder coated steel so that counts a bit, right?

My favorite part about the deck/patio/outdoor space is our new modular sofa from Outer! It’s pretty much the coolest, most beautiful, well-made piece of furniture that I own to date! Plus the design is smart and has built-in covers to protect the sofa against those pesky elements! And you know I got em based on this whole blog post! ha.

Here is the sofa with the covers on:


How cool is that?!


The one other thing I did differently this year was add lots and lots of plant babies and a bunch of string lights! Gives the space so much life and charm and the combination of all of these little updates makes me very excited to have Rosé and grilled hot dogs out here all summer long! haha (but, seriously)

I hope you enjoyed this little space and if you are curious to any of the sources, I got ya covered below!

Happy summer, ya’ll!

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